Common Title Problems to Watch Out For

Your offer has been accepted and you are ready to close on your new home. As you prepare for the big day, your real estate agents begins to speak with you about title insurance. Title insurance protects you from common problems that can occur with your title and closing. So  what are the common title problems you need to watch out for when it comes to your new home?  

Creditor Claims

The previous owner may have outstanding debts when it comes to your new home. From contractors to other work performed on your new home - outstanding debts from the previous owner can have an impact on your title and closing. 

Undisclosed Heirs

Like it or not, undisclosed heirs from a previous owner can have an impact on your title. It can be an heir from the previous owner or from 4 owners ago. If they can prove a legal right to your home, this can affect your title and ownership. 

Common Title Problems to watch out for

Errors in Tax Records

We all make mistakes. However, any errors in previous tax records, no matter how unintentional,  can be costly to correct and can jeapordize your title 


While this one may not be as common as you might think, any forgeries on documents related to your home purchase and closing can become a problem.  Discovered forgeries can make your title null and void.  

Easements and Boundary Disputes

Just when you thought your property belonged to you, you receive a notice of easement or boundary issues with your property. Your city can assess a different boundary or use for your property - creating a title headache (literally). 

The rewards of your new home far outweigh the potential pitfalls in the title process. The best way to maintain peace of mind throughout your home buying process is to ensure you have the proper title insurance. Your title insurance policy will protect you from these common problems and more as you move into your new home.