What to look for in your Minneapolis title insurance company

Purchasing and selling your home is a huge investment. You'll want to protect your investment with a company you can trust. Your title insurance company is one of the Minneapolis-based partners you will choose to protect your investment as you move toward your home closing. 


What does a title insurance company do? 

Your title insurance company serves both purchasers and lender's in a real estate transaction. Your title insurance company will conduct title searches, issue title insurance, and protect you from any unexpected title issues.

While your real estate agent and lender may make title insurance company recommendations, it's important for you to do your own research before choosing. So, what should you look for when choosing a title insurance company?  We have you covered with four things to look for. 

1. Reputation


Your real estate agent and lender will both have recommendations for you as you move toward the closing process. These recommendations will depend on their current professional relationships and similar protections to their own policies in the case of the lender. As you do your own research, it's important to find out what their customers in real life have to say. 

You'll want to explore online reviews and ask for references from any potential companies you want to research. Strategically speaking, you'll want to make sure other customers found their service timely, responsive, and friendly. 

2. Transparency

When it comes to your home investment, you'll want to find a company you can trust. Look for a company that is transparent and will provide or discuss their title search and escrow management practices with you. Most quality title insurance companies will base their policies on the American Land Title Association best practices

3. Fees

As you research, you'll want to know your title insurance fees upfront. Many title insurance companies will have additional fees for things like electronic filing, courier services, and documentation preparation. Be sure to ask on the front end what additional fees you can expect. Overall, you will want to look for maximum protection and reasonable rates. 


4. Financial Strength

Choosing your title insurance company is an important decision in the closing process. Your title insurance should cover your home investment as long as you live there.  You will want to ensure your title insurance company has the financial strength to cover any unexpected title issues and protect your investment. 

Here at Twin City Title, we are committed to being a title company that provides excellent customer service that you can trust. As we partner together, we seek to provide a smooth and positive title insurance experience for each transaction from start to finish.