Minneapolis Title Company Home Closing Checklist

Preparing for your Minneapolis home closing can be overwhelming. From gathering documents to payments to make, there's a lot to remember and check off your to-do list. Home buyers and sellers alike want everything to go smoothly when it comes time for that closing.  If you've been looking for a checklist for your home closing, look no further than our simple title company recommendations for closing day. 


For Buyers

If you are buying your next home, you'll want to be prepared so you can sign on the dotted line and take possession of your new home. Here's what you'll want to bring to your home closing. 

A certified or cashiers check

You'll want to bring a certified or cashiers check made payable to your title company. The amount of the check will be specified by your loan officer. 

Your personal checkbook

You'll want to bring your own checkbook in case any additional charges arise during closing. 

Valid photo ID


This can include your driver's license, passport, or state identification card. 

Proof of sale of your current home

If proof of sale of your current home is required by your lender, you'll need to bring your signed Settlement Statement and a copy of the Warranty Deed to your closing. 

Utility Account Set Up

You'll need to call your utility companies to set up your accounts prior to closing. 

For Sellers

If you are the seller, you'll still want to be prepared to ensure a smooth closing. 

Valid photo ID

This can include your driver's license, passport, or state identification card. 


Keys and garage door openers

You'll want to bring all house keys and garage door openers to hand over at time of closing. 

All current owners

If you're married, you spouse will need to attend the closing. If there is another owner listed on the title, that owner will need to attend. 

Residency list

Bring a list of residence for the last 10 years. 

Sworn construction statement and lien waivers

If any major improvements have been made to your home, you'll need to bring sworn construction statements and and lien waivers. 

Utility Account Closing

Prior to closing, contact your utility companies to get final readings and close your accounts to prepare for the new owners. 

Your home closing doesn't have to be complicated. Here at Twin City Title, we're here to help.