Is Minneapolis title insurance negotiable?

Purchasing a new home in Minneapolis is a great investment for your family. However, many first-time home buyers are surprised by the costs of closing. Title insurance is usually purchased as part of your closing costs and a good question to ask “Is title insurance negotiable?”


Title insurance defends buyers from future property ownership claims, liens against the property you are purchasing, and other costly complications with your title. The best way to save money on your title insurance is to ask questions and know your numbers.

Shop Around

Title insurance includes a 2-step process. First, your title company will do a search of your property’s title history. They’ll look for errors or problems with the deed. Once the results of the search are documented, they will underwrite the policy protecting you against any future claims against the title.

Saving money on your closing costs starts with shopping around for title insurance (as long as your state allows title insurance companies to set their own prices). While your real estate professional may recommend a title insurance company they’ve worked with, consider getting a few quotes to find the best price. Here at Twin City Title, we have an online title insurance calculator to help you get started.

Check the additional fees


In addition to the title insurance itself, most title companies will also charge additional fees for things like mail and courier charges, copy fees, and costs for searches and certificates. As you shop around for the best rate, you’ll want to understand any other charges and which company is offering the best bottom line price.

Ask your seller to pay for your title insurance

While not always common depending on the market, you can ask your seller to pay for all or part of your title insurance fees. This typically works best when you are in a buyer’s market. You’ll want to negotiate this at the time of the purchase agreement and definitely before closing.

Understanding title insurance can be one of the challenging pieces to preparing for your home closing. And while title insurance is not necessarily negotiable, here at Twin City Title we’re here to help answer any questions and ensure your protection during the entire home buying process. If you have questions or concerns about title insurance, our experts can help you navigate your closing with confidence.