What does my Minneapolis Owner’s Title Insurance Policy Cover?

Owner’s title insurance protects you while you’re buying a new home from any unforeseen circumstances that could lead to losing the home or paying for any previous debts. While there are many circumstances that could contribute to losing your new home, different types of Minneapolis owner’s title insurance can cover the costs to help you keep your home. The three most common ways are through unknown heirs, claims, and mistakes made by various parties in the building and payment of your new home.



If you purchase a home that was in the previous owner’s will, you could lose your home after they pass because it was granted to their kin. Unfortunately, it does happen. An owner’s title insurance would provide the money needed to buy the home or another home.


If someone else sues over a claim from before you owned the home, the owner's insurance will cover the costs and protect you from the claims. These claims can vary from failure to pay taxes or companies that were not paid after doing work on the house.



Mistakes in records or deeds can lead to losing your home. Any violations made by the previous owners, undisclosed prior mortgages or use restrictions, and errors in the authentication of legal authority can cause the money you paid for the house be compromised. However, an owner’s title insurance policy can help you keep your property and money from buying that property.

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