Title Insurance Calculator

Use this Title Insurance Calculator to find your Minnesota title fee


Alternate Form Calculator

This form we started doing some work  on to make it easier for users. To meet our specifications, the form would have to be

  1. Simpler to use
  2. Easy to understand
  3. Promote the benefit of ordering both owners and lenders policies
  4. Work on all devices including smart phones
  5. Offer utility by sending user a copy of the calculation
  6. Create leads by sending the email to Twin City Title

The form is not complete, but we have figured out the formula and solved some of the usability issues above. This customization is outside the scope of the original site design, but we wanted to preview it here.


The information contained herein is provided by way of general information only, and is subject to rate changes, credits and discounts that may not be reflected.

You may be eligible for a discount. Contact your Twin City Title Agent for a precise title premium quote. The rate quoted is for policy premiums only.

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